Education is a cornerstone in propagation of the values of moderation and living together that was advocated and called for by Prophets, Messengers and Reformists as teachers of humanity so that the whole world be safe and valid “for living together”, regardless of color, race or faith. This is one of the key challenges. The world today with its conflicting and contradictory categories is more in need than it was before to those values and propagation of them among people through the components of learning system, so international and regional organizations and authorities, primarily the United Nations through its various educational institutions, focused on work on promotion and propagation of those values, and marked the International Day of Living Together in Peace which was ratified by the UN General Assembly in December 2017 to consider 17 May International Day of Living Together in Peace.

It was necessary for the World Federation of Arabic Islamic International School had to organize this conference under the auspices of Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and to achieve the purposes and goals of the conference.

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